Tributes Established To Remember Paul Silver

Following the tragic death of Paul G. Silver in a car accident, along with his daughter Céline, on August 7, a postdoctoral fellowship has been established at the Carnegie Institution's Department of Terrestrial Magnetism (DTM) and a group of colleagues is organizing a session of presentations at the AGU Fall Meeting to recognize his contributions to seismology and earthquake research.

A member of the DTM research staff since 1982, Paul was an international leader in research on Earth structure and understanding how earthquakes are triggered and how they interact with each other. To honor Paul's extraordinary contributions to science, the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism has established The Paul G. Silver Postdoctoral Fellowship in Seismology. Donations can be made to this fund by completing and mailing this form along with your gift to the Carnegie Institution.

In addition, colleagues are invited to submit abstracts on topics influenced by Paul's research to "Session S01: Seismology General Contributions" for the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting. Abstract authors should also notify Sean Solomon or David James of DTM of their submittal so that these papers can be identified for inclusion in the session featuring the research impacted by Paul. The deadline for submitting abstracts for the Fall Meeting is September 3.

More information about Paul's life and accomplishments has been posted on the Carnegie Institution's website,

An obituary was published in the Washington Post on August 23.