2014 IRIS Workshop Report Now Available

A report on outcomes from the 2014 IRIS Workshop has been posted at http://dev.iris.edu/hq/publications/meeting_materials

Over the past 30 years IRIS-managed facilities have supported seismological research that addresses both fundamental problems in understanding how the Earth system works -- including earthquake processes and global Earth structure and dynamics -- and important societal problems such as natural hazards, energy resources, environmental changes, and national security. Today, the problems seismologists are addressing increasingly demand multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches involving geodesy, mineral physics, geochemistry, geodynamics, magnetotellurics and marine geophysics.

The agenda for the 2014 IRIS Workshop reflected the importance of broad community participation in advance planning for facilities in light of the recompetition of the management and operation of the NSF SAGE and NSF GAGE seismic and geodetic facilities at the end of the current Cooperative Agreements. The Report and other materials from the Workshop will be an important part of the basis for discussion at the upcoming Workshop on Seismic and Geodetic Facility Needs in the Geosciences during May 2015. More information about the facility needs workshop is posted at http://dev.iris.edu/hq/workshops/2015/05/future_seismic_and_geodetic_facility_needs_in_the_geosciences