How Suite It Is!

Effective Monday, August 15, 2011, IRIS Headquarters offices are located on the 4th floor of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) building.

Please make a note of our NEW SUITE NUMBER and NEW FAX:

Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
1200 New York Avenue, NW
Suite 400 (NEW)
Washington, DC 20005
Telephone (202) 682-2220
Fax (202) 407-7019 (NEW)

The new office space on the 4th floor brings all IRIS Headquarters staff together on one floor and allows us to have enhanced phone and IT systems. The suite has a large conference room with adjacent space for informal discussions, two small meeting rooms, and several work areas for visitors. We are pleased that the Geological Society of America is continuing its association with IRIS and will occupy two offices within our suite. Our new conference room is also available for use by IRIS Members and associated groups who need a convenient meeting space in central DC.

IRIS Headquarters offices had been on the 8th floor of the AAAS building at the corner of 12th and H Streets in Washington, DC, since 1998 when we moved from Arlington, Virginia. At that time, IRIS had about 12 staff members and the 8th floor suite had ample space to support the core programs. Over the last 14 years, the research needs of the seismology community have grown and IRIS programs have expanded from the Global Seismographic Network, PASSCAL, the Data Management System, and the nascent Education and Outreach program to the more comprehensive and state-of-the-art programs they are today. Extra personnel were hired to carry out these new program tasks. In addition, several new programs have been initiated, including EarthScope and USArray, International Development Seismology, and the upcoming OBS Management Office. With the expanded programmatic activities and associated business office and outreach staff, the number of staff at IRIS Headquarters is now approaching 24, exceeding our capacity on the 8th floor and the space we inherited from the original EarthScope Facility Office on the 7th floor.

Be sure to stop by and visit us in Suite 400 the next time you are in Washington, DC! How Suite It Will Be!