IRIS President David Simpson Celebrates 20 Years of Leadership

This month, David Simpson marks his 20th anniversary as President of IRIS. Since July 1, 1991, David has been instrumental in working with the seismology community, the National Science Foundation, the US Geological Survey, many academic institutions and government agencies throughout the world, and IRIS staff to shape and develop IRIS into the prestigious and well-respected organization it is today. Over the past 20 years, David has overseen the advancement and expansion of the Global Seismographic Network, the PASSCAL Instrument Center, and the Data Management System; the establishment of the Education and Public Outreach program, the Polar program and the International Development Seismology program; and the application of the organization's capabilities to new opportunities such as USArray, the Ocean Bottom Seismometry Management Office, and the deployment of a small network in Chile in partnership with the University of Chile.

David's 20th anniversary was celebrated with a luncheon at IRIS Headquarters attended by IRIS staff, his wife Paddy, and his son Tim. Please join us in congratulating David for reaching this noteworthy milestone and for his continued leadership and service to IRIS and the scientific community.

David Simpson (right) with his wife, Paddy, and son, Tim.

April Jones

David Simpson

Left to right: Rob Woolley, Leslie Linn, Paddy Simpson, David Simpson, and Tim Simpson

Rob Woolley and Aubrey Patsika

Robert Austin and Ruth Sobel

Leslie Linn and Glen Foster

Perle Dorr and Patrick McQuillan

Left to right: Tim Simpson, David Simpson, Ray Willemann, and April Jones