New Report: Future Geophysical Facilities Required to Address Grand Challenges

The final version of Future Geophysical Facilities Required to Address Grand Challenges in the Earth Sciences is now available.

This report summarizes key scientific questions, research opportunities, and broader impacts for 2018 and beyond  - and the seismic, geodetic and MT facility capabilities that they require. These priorities reflect broad community input gathered for the National Science Foundation through webinars, white papers, and the "Workshop on Future Seismic and Geodetic Facility Needs in the Geosciences" held May 3-6, 2015. The report, presented to National Science Foundation leaders on September 2, will inform planning for future facilities.

We thank the many community members who contributed to this process by participating in the four webinars (97 people) and the May workshop (120 people), writing 91 white papers, and providing feedback on drafts of the report. In particular, we would like to thank the report writing committee - Rick Aster (co-editor), Mark Simons (co-editor), Roland Burgmann, Estelle Chaussard, Gary Egbert, Natalya Gomez, Bill Hammond, Steve Holbrook, John Hole, Thorne Lay, Steve McNutt, Michael Oskin, Brandon Schmandt, David Schmidt, Leigh Stearns, John Vidale, Lara Wagner, and Paul Winberry - and our colleagues on the workshop organizing committee - Greg Beroza, Roland Burgmann, Jay Famiglietti, Kristine Larson, Cathy Manduca, Susan Schwartz, Leigh Stearns, Rebecca Walker, Kelin Whipple, and Doug Wiens.  Support for the workshop and report was provided by the National Science Foundation, IRIS, UNAVCO and the EarthScope National Office. 

Lucy Flesch and Karen Fischer
Workshop organizing committee co-chairs